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Kirby Mass Attack DS US Action Replay Codes

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Kirby Mass Attack DS US Action Replay Codes Includes:

  • All medals
  • Enemy 1 Hit Kill/Easy Kill
  • Fruits x99
  • Max Score
  • Backlight Codes

Kirby Mass Attack DS US Action Replay Codes works only with action replay device.

Game ID: TADE-A9D9A81D

All Medals (Press Select in Stage and Exit the Stage)
94000130 FFF30000
E22FCBC4 000000AC
0000009F 00000067
00000047 0000009F
0000009F 0000007

Other Kirby Mass Attack DS US AR Codes:
Game ID: TADE A9D9A81D

Enemy 1 Hit Kill/Easy Kill
521D59B8 47707301 121D59BE 00002100 D2000000 00000000

Fruits x99
Press Select
94000130 FFFB0000 023021C0 00000000 023021C8 00000000 023021CC 00000063 023021D4 00000063 D2000000 00000000

Max Score
Press Select
622FEB94 00000000 923021D8 00005544 94000130 FFFB0000 022FEB90 0098967F D2000000 00000000

Backlight Codes
DS Lite Backlight Control
Hold L+R+SELECT then press UP to increase brightness or DOWN to decrease brightness
94000130 FCFB0000 023FE074 012FFF11 E0000000 000000A8 E28F0001 E12FFF10 A21AB5F0 88234C24 80138811 D02A428B 25803490 F0002000 1C06F82A F0002004 2703F826 21404007 D003420B 420B2180 E018D00C 4231210C 2F03D006 1C79D013 F0002004 E00EF816 E0094331 438E210C 2F001C31 1E79D004 F0002004 E002F80A F0002000 BCF0F806 4718BC08 30800000 88222100 D1FC422A 80224A08 88208060 D1FC4228 80220C12 88228061 D1FC422A 21FF8860 47704008 04000130 80028802 023FE074 E3520003 D2000000 00000000

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  1. Travis Ferguson says:

    What’s the Action Replay Fix Code for Kirby: Mass Attack. I can’t get the game to turn on with the codes. The screen just goes white.

  2. Wes Nelson says:

    Yeah! I want AR Codes that work!

  3. Amouseanus says:


  4. willson thevolleyball says:

    use it with desmume

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