Path help please?

Animal Crossing: Path help please?

Animal Crossing Path help please

I searched everywhere for a good, overall path system that will work for most of my needs. I gave up 15 precious design slots for it. Now I'm practicing how to use it and I'm having some trouble. Mainly, the center piece. You can see how it clearly isn't meant for this situation (red circle). But now I can't remember the MA code to go back and see if there were pieces I missed. I tried using the default light brown path but the square is too small. I really don't understand why it does that! Anyway if someone knows the code for this, I'd be so happy!

My other issue might be directly related to the fact that I am uncreative and very spatially challenged. Getting the path to curve nicely is driving me nuts. I don't know if more path pieces are needed. I watch tons of design videos but when it comes to doing it myself, I draw a big blank. If you know of a very specific, beginner-friendly video that shows how to do the curves, I'd appreciate it. I suspect I'm going to need a new path set that contains diagonals. ?

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