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Mario Party DS CodeBreaker Action Replay Codes

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Mario-Party-DSMario Party DS CodeBreaker Action Replay Codes Includes:

  • Maximum MP
  • Unlock Puzzle Mode & Party Mode Stages
  • Unlock Expert COM Difficulty
  • Infinite Coins
  • Infinite Stars
  • No Coins
  • No Stars
  • No Coins
  • No Stars
  • Unlock All Character Figures
  • Unlock All Board Features
  • Unlock All Boss Trophies
  • Unlock All Badges
  • Unlock View Story
  • Unlock Play Sound
  • Unlock All Minigames


Mario Party DS CodeBreaker Action Replay Codes :
Enable Code (Must Be On)
000070A4 41385445
6F555324 A436AAA4

Maximum MP
EB18A996 515D6D75

Unlock Puzzle Mode & Party Mode Stages
41327A3E C5D87D08

Unlock Expert COM Difficulty
D9224632 93BE7866

Story Mode/Player Codes:

Infinite Coins
62EB5E45 22F7D64C

Infinite Stars
A748FCBF C2860656

COM 1 Codes

No Coins
F17557E5 1D2E5DDA

No Stars
1A4C405B BB0E432E

COM 2 Codes:

No Coins
5D1AF285 980CAFAA

No Stars
346C2D6B A6D3FA03

COM 3 Codes:

No Coins
78993D01 D994FA9A

No Stars
3D71CB29 74710FC1

Party Mode/Player Codes:

Inifnite Coins
928DBFF4 212C6747

Infinite Stars
A3868F79 10731B06

COM 1 Codes

No Coins
C5965F29 D6DE67F6

No Stars
1F091313 AD387BCB

COM 2 Codes

No Coins
817D0040 7EA14D23

No Stars
06E16A6C 519EB75C

COM 3 Codes:

No Coins
62D9AF92 BD921CB2

No Stars
29E454B9 2CB59647

Gallery Codes:

Unlock All Character Figures
39066BB4 0B50358B
A9565181 F854D8B1
8B33DA49 9BD8C820

Unlock All Board Features
88326D8E 6E97A3A4
EAC1235B 97C455A6
8980EB80 4EA6B90F

Unlock All Boss Trophies
DA060179 C42A65E6
E431CE66 1A71A3A6
41AEE780 457BC703

Unlock All Badges
31BBB863 5DA631DD
F6E3FDB7 E779906C

Unlock View Story
E70663C6 7C2484DA
221C3030 4C60FCA7

Unlock Play Sound
D9224632 93BE7866

Unlock All Minigames
D0A324E8 B5385CE8
77F13781 D9F98065
362B68B1 289B93CF

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Visitor Comments - 9 Comment
  1. Derp says:

    i used the all minigames code and it didnt work i also used the must be on code and still nothing happened. why is this happening?

  2. Erin says:

    I used the enable code & the maximum MP code.It also didn’t work. >:(

  3. Erin says:


  4. Aria says:

    I AGREE with Erin

  5. Bob says:

    Do these work i didn’t try yet but these ppl said they dont

  6. jake (mario11012) says:

    when i tried the all bages code and it didnt load up the game or anything it crashed before it started. what the heck dude!

  7. samir says:

    lol thease code freses my emulator

  8. samir says:

    i dont have all the star’s

  9. samir says:

    lol thease codes dont work lol

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