Current QR Code/Thread Code Request & Looking For Thread

Animal Crossing: Current QR Code/Thread Code Request & Looking For Thread

1719850090 47 Animal Crossing Current QR CodeThread Code Request amp Looking For

QR Code/Thread Code Request & Looking For Thread

One single thread for people to request QR codes, Thread Codes, or ask others where to find a specific design you've seen before. This makes it easier for creators to fulfill requests, and is easier for other users to search for previously created QR Codes/already found design codes.

Q: How do I add a link to a photo on mobile?

A: [text goes here](link to photo goes here)

  • Please fill out this form with the correct information and comment it below this post.




Examples(i.e photos):



[Looking For]

Looking for:


Examples(i.e photos):



[Request]Requesting: Dirt Path QRsAC:NL/AC:NH?: ACNHExamples(i.e photos): xDetails: I would like a plain dirt path with some pink flowers around it for my nature town. The example is similar to what I would like to use. Please make one pixel transparent so I can lay it using the in game path creator, thanks! If anyone could post some dirt QRs that they have found, it would be nice as well.


[Request]Requesting: A dress QR based on Sora's outfit from Kingdom HeartsAC:NL/AC:NH?: ACNLExamples(i.e photos): x xDetails: The yellow suspenders on the back are really important to me. The necklace doesn't have to be added, thanks!


[Looking For]Looking for: Basketball court designsAC:NL/AC:NH?: ACNHExamples(i.e photos): n/aDetails: Lines should be white, almost like chalk. The rest should be transparent, thanks!


[Looking For]Looking for: The stone paths in the photo!AC:NL/AC:NH?: ACNHExamples(i.e photos): x Details: n/a

Any request/looking for submissions posted on r/ACQR will be deleted automatically by our automod, and a ban will be given.

Previous months will not be locked or deleted. Creators can still post/finish design requests for others at any time.

Requestees, please post any NEW requests in the up to date Request Thread.

Please do not ask for something you already requested in the last thread, thanks.

Please leave your comment and email for any question or code request, we will reach you soon.

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