Current QR Code/Thread Code Request & Looking For Thread

Animal Crossing: Current QR Code/Thread Code Request & Looking For Thread

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QR Code/Thread Code Request & Looking For Thread


One single thread for people to request QR codes, Thread Codes, or ask others where to find a specific design you’ve seen before. This makes it easier for creators to fulfill requests, and is easier for other users to search for previously created QR Codes/already found design codes.


***Q: How do I add a link to a photo on mobile?***

**A:** \[text goes here\](link to photo goes here)

* Please fill out this form with the correct information and comment it below this post.




**Examples(i.e photos):**



\[Looking For\]

**Looking for:**


**Examples(i.e photos):**



>\[Request\]**Requesting:** Dirt Path QRs**AC:NL/AC:NH?:** ACNH**Examples(i.e photos):** [x](**Details:** I would like a plain dirt path with some pink flowers around it for my nature town. The example is similar to what I would like to use. Please make one pixel transparent so I can lay it using the in game path creator, thanks! If anyone could post some dirt QRs that they have found, it would be nice as well.


>\[Request\]**Requesting:** A dress QR based on Sora’s outfit from Kingdom Hearts**AC:NL/AC:NH?:** ACNL**Examples(i.e photos):** [x]( [x](**Details:** The yellow suspenders on the back are really important to me. The necklace doesn’t have to be added, thanks!


>\[Looking For\]**Looking for:** Basketball court designs**AC:NL/AC:NH?:** ACNH**Examples(i.e photos):** n/a**Details:** Lines should be white, almost like chalk. The rest should be transparent, thanks!


>\[Looking For\]**Looking for:** The stone paths in the photo!**AC:NL/AC:NH?:** ACNH**Examples(i.e photos):** [x]( **Details:** n/a


**Any request/looking for submissions posted on** [r/ACQR]( **will be deleted automatically by our automod, and a ban will be given.**

Previous months will not be locked or deleted. Creators can still post/finish design requests for others at any time.

Requestees, please post any *NEW* requests in the up to date Request Thread.

**Please do not ask for something you already requested in the last thread, thanks.**

Please leave your comment and email for any question or code request, we will reach you soon.

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