Away: Shuffle Dungeon DS EU Action Replay Codes

Away-Shuffle-DungeonAway: Shuffle Dungeon DS EU Action Replay Codes Includes:
Misc Codes

  • Max Gold
  • Can Hold 99 Items
  • Can Hold 50 Items

Away: Shuffle Dungeon DS uk Action Replay Codes:
Game ID: YAWP-B26F5927

Misc Codes:

Max Gold
02209CC0 0098967F

Can Hold 50 Items
22209D3F 00000032

Can Hold 99 Items
22209D3F 00000063

Game Time Codes:

0:00 Play Time
0209171C 00000000

999:59 Play Time
0209171C 01B6EA00

Player Codes

Level 50
22209D8A 00000032

Level 99
22209D8A 00000063

12209D8C 000003E7

Max HP Limit
12045BAA 0000E3A0
12045BAE 0000E1C1

Infinite HP and Full HP
02209D80 00C800C8

HP Never Decrease
DA000000 02209D82
D7000000 02209D80
D2000000 00000000

Best Weapon
12209CC4 00000028

Best Arm
12209CC6 00000046

Status Normal
221EF189 00000000

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