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Nintendo DS New Super Mario Bros (EU) Action Replay Codes

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Note:Codes only work with action replay device
Nintendo DS New Super Mario Bros (EU) Platform Action Replay Codes:
Game ID: A2DP-c83d5913
Must Be On
03807d40 ebafd8af

99 coins
2209dc18 00000063

Infinite Lives
2209dc00 00000063

2209dbec 0000027c

Always Big Mario
1209dbd0 0000027c
2209dbc0 00000003

Play As Luigi
22098090 00000001

Big Jumps
9209dc90 fffd0002
920dc910 00000000
021c1944 00004000
d2000000 00000000
9209dc90 fffe0001
920dc910 00000000
021c1944 00004000
d2000000 00000000

Freeze Timer
920dc930 00000000
120dc930 00000001
d2000000 00000000

All Worlds Unlocked
0209b2a0 00430043
0209b2a4 00430043
0209b2a8 00430043
0209b2ac 00430043

All Coins/Finished Levels
0209b2b0 d7d7d7d7
0209b2b4 d7d7d7d7
0209b2b8 d7d7d7d7
0209b2bc d7d7d7d7
0209b2c0 d7d7d7d7
0209b2c4 d7d7d7d7
0209b2c8 d7d7d7d7
0209b2cc d7d7d7d7
0209b2d0 d7d7d7d7
0209b2d4 d7d7d7d7
0209b2d8 d7d7d7d7
0209b2dc d7d7d7d7
0209b2e0 d7d7d7d7
0209b2e4 d7d7d7d7
0209b2e8 d7d7d7d7
0209b2ec d7d7d7d7
0209b2f0 d7d7d7d7
0209b2f4 d7d7d7d7
0209b2f8 d7d7d7d7
0209b2fc d7d7d7d7
0209b300 d7d7d7d7
0209b304 d7d7d7d7
0209b308 d7d7d7d7
0209b30c d7d7d7d7
0209b310 d7d7d7d7
0209b314 d7d7d7d7
0209b318 d7d7d7d7
0209b31c d7d7d7d7
0209b320 d7d7d7d7
0209b324 d7d7d7d7
0209b328 d7d7d7d7
0209b32c d7d7d7d7
0209b330 d7d7d7d7
0209b334 d7d7d7d7
0209b338 d7d7d7d7
0209b33c d7d7d7d7
0209b340 d7d7d7d7
0209b344 d7d7d7d7
0209b348 d7d7d7d7
0209b34c d7d7d7d7
0209b350 d7d7d7d7
0209b354 d7d7d7d7
0209b358 d7d7d7d7
0209b35c d7d7d7d7
0209b360 d7d7d7d7
0209b364 d7d7d7d7
0209b368 d7d7d7d7
0209b36c d7d7d7d7
0209b370 d7d7d7d7

Open All Levels
0209b374 c0c0c0c0
0209b378 c0c0c0c0
0209b37c c0c0c0c0
0209b380 c0c0c0c0
0209b384 c0c0c0c0
0209b388 c0c0c0c0
0209b38c c0c0c0c0
0209b390 c0c0c0c0
0209b394 c0c0c0c0
0209b398 c0c0c0c0
0209b39c c0c0c0c0
0209b3a0 c0c0c0c0
0209b3a4 c0c0c0c0
0209b3a8 c0c0c0c0
0209b3ac c0c0c0c0
0209b3b0 c0c0c0c0
0209b3b4 c0c0c0c0
0209b3b8 c0c0c0c0
0209b3bc c0c0c0c0
0209b3c0 c0c0c0c0
0209b3c4 c0c0c0c0
0209b3c8 c0c0c0c0
0209b3cc c0c0c0c0
0209b3d0 c0c0c0c0
0209b3d4 c0c0c0c0
0209b3d8 c0c0c0c0
0209b3dc c0c0c0c0
0209b3e0 c0c0c0c0
0209b3e4 c0c0c0c0
0209b3e8 c0c0c0c0
0209b3ec c0c0c0c0
0209b3f0 c0c0c0c0
0209b3f4 c0c0c0c0
0209b3f8 c0c0c0c0
0209b3fc c0c0c0c0
0209b400 c0c0c0c0
0209b404 c0c0c0c0
0209b408 c0c0c0c0
0209b40c c0c0c0c0
0209b410 c0c0c0c0
0209b414 c0c0c0c0
0209b418 c0c0c0c0
0209b41c c0c0c0c0
0209b420 c0c0c0c0
0209b424 c0c0c0c0
0209b428 c0c0c0c0
0209b42c c0c0c0c0
0209b430 c0c0c0c0
0209b434 c0c0c0c0
0209b438 c0c0c0c0
0209b43c c0c0c0c0
0209b440 c0c0c0c0
0209b444 c0c0c0c0
0209b448 c0c0c0c0
0209b44c c0c0c0c0
0209b450 c0c0c0c0
0209b454 c0c0c0c0
0209b458 c0c0c0c0

Start Level As Codes
Do Not Use With ‘Always Big Mario’

Start Level As Flower Mario
2209dbc0 00000002

Start Level As Mini Mario
2209dbc0 00000004

Start Level As Shell Mario
2209dbc0 00000005

Always Have Item Codes:

Press R Or L to Cycle Through Items
7209dbc8 ff000005
74000100 ff00000c
94000130 feff0000
da000000 0209dbc8
d4000000 00000001
d7000000 0209dbc8
d2000000 00000000
8209dbc8 ff000001
74000100 ff00000c
94000130 fdff0000
da000000 0209dbc8
d4000000 ffffffff
d7000000 0209dbc8
d2000000 00000000

Always Have Fire Flower Power Up
2209dbc8 00000002

Always Have Mushroom Power Up
2209dbc8 00000001

Always Have Blue Shell
2209dbc8 00000003

Always Have Mini Mushroom
2209dbc8 00000004

Always Have Giant Mushroom
2209dbc8 00000005

Size Modifier Codes:

Big Mario
221c1959 00000064
221c195d 00000064
221c1961 00000064

Giant Mario
221c1959 00000094
221c195d 00000094
221c1961 00000094

Tiny Mario
221c1959 00000004
221c195d 00000004
221c1961 00000004

Paper Mario
221c1959 00000004


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