Nintendo DS New Super Mario Bros (US) Action Replay Codes


Note:Codes only work with action replay device.

Nintendo DS New Super Mario Bros US Platform Action Replay Codes:
Game ID: A2DE-77dad131

Must Be On
03807d40 ebafd8af

99 coins
2208b37c 00000063

Freeze Time
120ca898 00000040

Infinite Lives
2208b364 00000063

1208b350 0000027c

Always Big Mario
1208b334 0000027c
2208b324 00000003

Play As Luigi
22085a50 00000001

Luigi’s Voice
2208fbc4 00000001

Big Jumps
9208b3f4 fffd0002
920ca880 00000000
021b6ab0 00004000
d2000000 00000000
9208b3f4 fffe0001
920ca880 00000000
021b6ab0 00004000
d2000000 00000000

Open All Worlds
02088c3c 00430043
02088c40 00430043
02088c44 00430043
02088c48 00430043

Open All Levels
02088d10 c0c0c0c0
02088d14 c0c0c0c0
02088d18 c0c0c0c0
02088d1c c0c0c0c0
02088d20 c0c0c0c0
02088d24 c0c0c0c0
02088d28 c0c0c0c0
02088d2c c0c0c0c0
02088d30 c0c0c0c0
02088d34 c0c0c0c0
02088d38 c0c0c0c0
02088d3c c0c0c0c0
02088d40 c0c0c0c0
02088d44 c0c0c0c0
02088d48 c0c0c0c0
02088d4c c0c0c0c0
02088d50 c0c0c0c0
02088d54 c0c0c0c0
02088d58 c0c0c0c0
02088d5c c0c0c0c0
02088d60 c0c0c0c0
02088d64 c0c0c0c0
02088d68 c0c0c0c0
02088d6c c0c0c0c0
02088d70 c0c0c0c0
02088d74 c0c0c0c0
02088d78 c0c0c0c0
02088d7c c0c0c0c0
02088d80 c0c0c0c0
02088d84 c0c0c0c0
02088d88 c0c0c0c0
02088d8c c0c0c0c0
02088d90 c0c0c0c0
02088d94 c0c0c0c0
02088d98 c0c0c0c0
02088d9c c0c0c0c0
02088da0 c0c0c0c0
02088da4 c0c0c0c0
02088da8 c0c0c0c0
02088dac c0c0c0c0
02088db0 c0c0c0c0
02088db4 c0c0c0c0
02088db8 c0c0c0c0
02088dbc c0c0c0c0
02088dc0 c0c0c0c0
02088dc4 c0c0c0c0
02088dc8 c0c0c0c0
02088dcc c0c0c0c0
02088dd0 c0c0c0c0
02088dd4 c0c0c0c0
02088dd8 c0c0c0c0
02088ddc c0c0c0c0
02088de0 c0c0c0c0
02088de4 c0c0c0c0
02088de8 c0c0c0c0
02088dec c0c0c0c0
02088df0 c0c0c0c0
02088df4 c0c0c0c0

All Coins/Finished Levels
02088c4c d7d7d7d7
02088c50 d7d7d7d7
02088c54 d7d7d7d7
02088c58 d7d7d7d7
02088c5c d7d7d7d7
02088c60 d7d7d7d7
02088c64 d7d7d7d7
02088c68 d7d7d7d7
02088c6c d7d7d7d7
02088c70 d7d7d7d7
02088c74 d7d7d7d7
02088c78 d7d7d7d7
02088c7c d7d7d7d7
02088c80 d7d7d7d7
02088c84 d7d7d7d7
02088c88 d7d7d7d7
02088c8c d7d7d7d7
02088c90 d7d7d7d7
02088c94 d7d7d7d7
02088c98 d7d7d7d7
02088c9c d7d7d7d7
02088ca0 d7d7d7d7
02088ca4 d7d7d7d7
02088ca8 d7d7d7d7
02088cac d7d7d7d7
02088cb0 d7d7d7d7
02088cb4 d7d7d7d7
02088cb8 d7d7d7d7
02088cbc d7d7d7d7
02088cc0 d7d7d7d7
02088cc4 d7d7d7d7
02088cc8 d7d7d7d7
02088ccc d7d7d7d7
02088cd0 d7d7d7d7
02088cd4 d7d7d7d7
02088cd8 d7d7d7d7
02088cdc d7d7d7d7
02088ce0 d7d7d7d7
02088ce4 d7d7d7d7
02088ce8 d7d7d7d7
02088cec d7d7d7d7
02088cf0 d7d7d7d7
02088cf4 d7d7d7d7
02088cf8 d7d7d7d7
02088cfc d7d7d7d7
02088d00 d7d7d7d7
02088d04 d7d7d7d7
02088d08 d7d7d7d7
02088d0c d7d7d7d7


Start Each Level as Big Mario
2208b324 00000001

Start Each Level as Flower Mario
2208b324 00000002

Start Each Level as Mini Mario
2208b324 00000004

Start Level As Blue Shell Mario
2208b324 00000005

Always Have Item Codes:

Press R or L Button to Cycle Through Power-Ups
a208b32c 00000100
92087648 fdff0200
da000000 0208b32c
d4000000 ffffffff
d7000000 0208b32c
d2000000 00000000
a208b32c 00000105
92087648 feff0100
da000000 0208b32c
d4000000 00000001
d7000000 0208b32c
d2000000 00000000

Always Have Fire Flower Power Up
2208b32c 00000002

Always Have Mushroom Power Up
2208b32c 00000001

Always Have Blue Shell
2208b32c 00000003

Always Have Mini Mushroom
2208b32c 00000004

Always Have Giant Mushroom
2208b32c 00000005

Size Modifier Codes:

Big Mario
221b6acd 00000064
221b6ad1 00000064
221b6ad5 00000064

Giant Mario
221b6acd 00000094
221b6ad1 00000094
221b6ad5 00000094

Tiny Mario
221b6acd 00000004
221b6ad1 00000004
221b6ad5 00000004

Paper Mario
221b6acd 00000002

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  1. You should make more codes, cause when you go to action replay code manager and add NSMB it gives you these codes with it!

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